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Mirion Technologies, Inc. Dosimetry Services Division
What is AMP?

AMP (Account Management Program) provides customers with secure online account management. It's fast, simple, and free!

With AMP, account administrators can manage all the elements of a radiation monitoring program online anytime, from anywhere. From account administration to managing individual wearers and devices, AMP will give you real time access to account details, device assignments, reports, and all your pertinent account information.

AMP restricts users within an account from seeing other wearers' data and from making changes to the main account. The account administrator assigns each instadoseā„¢ device to a specific user. Each device has an embedded unique serial code that gets assigned to an individual user.

A few of the functions that are accessible by the account administrator include:

Main Account Information
  • Contact information
  • Company information
  • Change password
  • View orders
  • Add administrator
Manage Locations - Separate and track badges for each department in a facility or for offices in other regions with options to manage locations:
  • Details of the wearers in the location
  • Report information
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Reinstate locations
Manage Wearers - Administrators can view user data by location or perform individual searches:
  • Details of a wearer and assignment location and groups.
  • Add/Edit/Delete/Reinstate Wearers
Devices - Administrators can perform the following functions with each instadose device within their account:
  • Purchase additional devices
  • Edit/Cancel/Reinstate devices
  • Assign and transfer between wearers
  • Order replacement devices
Reports Section - Administrators can select from various types of reports and view the reports for each user within their account:
  • Review who has not read their device (last 30 days available only)
  • Radiation Exposure Summary Report
  • Form 5 Report
  • History Detail Report

Once an administrator sets-up a user within their account, a user can log into AMP and get real-time readings by inserting their assigned device into a USB port on any internet-connected PC or Mac.

Users will have access to the following areas within AMP:

Log-In Information:
  • Change user password
Report Section- Users can view various types of reports about their own dosage history:
  • Radiation Exposure Summary Report
  • Total Dose Report
  • History Detail Report